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Hi all.
I have a couple of tanks and I have kinda got the soft, acidic water
where I want it without using chemicals.  (My water is fairly soft and
acidic.  Infusions of rainwater help immensely)  How ever after
monitoring this list for a while and reading up on basic water chemistry
it has come to my attention that I am sadly lacking in knowledge along
the lines of exactly what chemical I should use to do different things
to the water.  (Make it harder, raise the KH (buffer)without raising the
GH etc)  (some of this I have run across)
I am wondering if there is a list out there of what chemicals are safe
for the aquarium, and the dosages, and the common names and exactly what
they do?
For example:  I read in this list of someone using muriatic acid to do
something(do not remember what though)  My knowledge of that chemical is
that it is a stone etcher.  Definately not what I would choose to use in
my fish tank.
Calcium??  Is there a way to get it into the water without hardening the
A list would be most helpful.  If anyone knows of one please let me