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RE: Carbon Filters for Chorine/Chloramine...Yes!

> From: <boukmn at mindspring_com>
> >6mth or 1000gal limit on these cartridges. Perhaps, they are not as
> >efficient after 1000 gals (99% Chlorine/ Chloramine removal)
> I often abuse
> >these filters to the tune of 2000-3000 gals w/o losing fish
> or plants.
> >Figure a 70-80% Chloramine reduction is good enough.

Picking up a chlorine test kit is the easiest way to determine when the
cartridge is no longer effective at removing chlorine. I don't get anywhere
near 1000 gallons out of one. 400-500 gallons is more the norm when removing
2 ppm total Cl.

I use the Hach Chlorine test strips for a quick check before each water

Those filters also make a nice prefilter to keep an RO unit clean. The
carbon block lasts a LONG time if the water is prefiltered.

Jon Wilson