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RE: Carbon Filters for Chorine/Chloramine...Yes!

I bought a filtration system in the fall (from home depot) for which you
could buy different filter cartridges.  The cartridges range in price $5
for a simple carbon filter to $40 for their best which was supposed to
take out just about everything. (But it does not really explain how it
does this.)  I ended up buying the expensive one because my wife was
about to have a baby and she wanted "really good water".

Since the documentation was woefully inadequate, does anyone know what
this filter is really taking out and its suitability for planted

My water is already soft so I don't need softening.  I am wondering when
if when I replace the cartridge I should go to the simple and cheap
carbon filter.  (In fact I need calcium.)

Are there any good resources on the web that outlines the effectiveness
of various water filter systems?