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Sand, snails, calcium and CO2

You might remember my recent posting in which I said after adding CO2
injection my snails died.  The answer to my problem was to add calcium
in the form of dietary supplements and some limestone rocks.  Thanks for
the suggestions the snails are doing fine now.

But I have a question which came to mind during the play sand

I have read the comment, "test the sand by dropping it in vinegar", many
times in many locations.  Wouldn't this just indicate the presence of
limestone?  And if so, with so many people adding calcium supplements,
would this not be one way of achieving this?  The "test" and the
comments that surround it, seem to be a blanket prohibition on 'fizzy'

Any comments on this? 

Bill Hamlin
(In sunny Manitoba)

I believe sand in my area (Winnipeg) is a mixture of quartz sand and
limestone sand.  Right now I am using granite gravel with potted plants
(with a variety of substrates)