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RE: All my snails died... ???

John is experiencing difficulties with keeping snails alive in R/O water...

>Any way, my problem is, when I switched to RO water from tap water, I
noticed >a slow decrease in the snail population.  Now I don't have any that
I'm aware >of.  I don't know if the switch to RO water was the cause, or

John, the R/O membrane removes the majority of the mineral content of your
water. The snails need a certain level of Calcium in order to build their
shells and without adding CaCO3 to your water you might even see the shells
of snails actually erode in the tank. Calcium Carbonate is available from
any pharmacy (look in the section carrying nutritional supplements). I crush
a tablet using a mortar and pestle and then add it to the aquarium to keep
my Calcium levels up.

James Purchase