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Question for James(Or any plant expert)


     I just read your response to Jason's Salvinia post.  I am familiar with
most of
the plants you mentioned but I have never heard of River Moss. (Leptodictyum
     Where does it grow?  What does it look like?  I live in the central Ga.
area and
I collected a plant from one of the local rivers that I can not identify.  
     It has been in my tank for about 6 months and it's growth rate(which is
very slow)
perked up when I installed my new 70 w MH over the tank.  (Yes, metal halides
available in 70 watt.  Iwasaki makes them)  This plant was growing in
abundance on top of  a dam with fast moving water rushing over it.  I
collected my cuttings from
some submerged rocks.  It loves bright light and objects to cling and grow on.
It looks similar to a snake's tongue, with several  forked 'leaves' .  
     Does this sound like River Moss?