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Re: Discus and Planted tanks

Consider growing Discus out in a bare bottomed plant for 6 months with
massive water changes and large frequent feedings to maximize growth.
Afterwards, over a period of 2 months add inexpensive potted plants, java
moss, small dither fish...  Anything to get the Discus used to plantings and
tank mates.  Once chemistry in Grow Out Tank and you Planted ShowCase Tank
is similar, you could transport the Discus.  They should accept this.  Of
course it means subjecting aquatic plants to less than ideal conditions for
some time, with losses resulting.  Admittedly, It did not occur to me to do
this when I first set up my 120g tank. Therefore, I have 4  smallish 3 1/2"
Discus in my planted tank who are happy, whom I enjoy, but have stopped
growing nonetheless.
Peter W O'Dwyer jnr
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com