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Eichornia and other's

I have kept these plants for awhile now.
The Eichornia azurea is a fast growing plant that takes some acclimating
time. Gets large but is a spectacular plant. Propagation can be done by
seed but most cuttings will not work/grow typically so you are left with
only the original stem. I've found a solution to this by bending the
plant over horizontally and new starter stems form after 1-2 weeks which
can be cut off after they have grown to size. This plant gets 12 inches
across or more if healthy. Tends to get blacken leaves if not taken care
of. Good plant for a 55 or larger.
       E.diversifolia is a slower growing plant that is quite nice. It
too will get "black leaf" if not happy. It branches well at the base and
cuttings can be obtained. Does well in well kept plant tanks. Looks
somewhat like H zosterfolia(Stargrass) but slower growing. Not an easy
     T.rivularis is a very fast growing plant. Mexican oak is a common
name. Good beginner plant with nice leaf shape and an effective
background plant. Likes light but I get fast growth with 2watts /gal.
       Lagenandra's are similar to the Crypts. L.ovata is very uncommon
here--often L.thwaitesii is sent as L.ovata. L.ovata gets big
BTW....Most like light.
       B.heteociliata is like Java fern in respects to growth. Likes
light. Not the best submersed growth but I've managed to get 2-2 1/2" of
growth in 3 months.Roots are kinda ratty....intresting plant but nothing
to write home about. The AF Bolbitis is much, much nicer IMO.
       Crinums are beautiful and if you can get these.....- buy them
.They are $ but worth it. C. calamistratum is very useful as are
aquatica,natans, and purp(I forget how to spell it and I'm not going to
look it up!) .You won't be disappointed with these.

      Tom Barr     AGA       in wet San Fransico