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Discus and planted tanks

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Then I posed the question to the Discus-L group as to whether it would be
possible to buy already grown-out Discus and place them in a planted tank
fed only with Tetra-Bits.  Most responses I received were from breeders who
insisted that Discus won't survive on Tetra-Bits alone.  Others indicated
that fully grown Discus don't ship well and don't adapt well to new
surroundings.  Any comments/experience?

Tom Wood"

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Pleas forget the idea off buying grown out discus is to expensive and the
are very porne to stress during the change off enviroment, 
Olso do not think about fed them only Tetra bit, 
In my experience is better to feed lees Beef hart (once daily) than to feed
tetra bits. In my 80 gal planted I only feed beefheart once daily and no
dry food, Tetra bit went falls to the bottom and remains uneaten creates a
red slime really disgusting,

I do a weekly water change, I fertilize with Flourish every water change
and ocasionaly some Jobe Sticks. and CO2
Lighting in My 80gal is composed off 3 vho 110watts each on a 10 our
My plants are:
E Tenellus on the bottom
E bleheri
E osiris
Higrophyla corimbosa
Higrofila Diformis

even four anubias un a wood log bellow the shade off the H diformis 

Plants adapt very slowlly to the temp, and you will loose some but it is a
very feaseble proyect.

Claudio Dioguardi
Caracas, Venezuela