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Re: Discus and Planted tanks

In a message dated 3/9/1999 3:11:10 AM Central Standard Time, Aquatic-Plants-
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> Subject: Re: Discus and Planted Tanks
>  Colin Anderson wrote:
>  There's excellent disease and growth rate knowledge on the Discus-L list,
>  give it a try.  But my experience is that there's not much talk of planted
>  aquaria w/ discus.  Planted Discus tanks are a precarious
>  balance, a step up from planted tanks in my opinion.

I had some experience years back on this.  At the time all my tanks
were planted and my initial survival rate for store bought Discus was less
than 20% in 3 months.  Eventually I did get a breeding pair though and
had great luck with the fry.

The big thing is that Discus not only like soft acidic water but more
they do not like changes.  My success with the fry was in water at 5dDH and
7.0 pH.  If I could've maintained a lower pH my success with the store bought
Discus would have been much better probably.

My Discus never grew beyond 4 1/2 inches which many attribute to the fact 
that I did not do daily water changes for fear of upsetting the balance in the
aquarium.  I was doing about 10% water changes every 2 or 3 days.  The
plants also grew great in there tank and that was without CO2.