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Re:Trimming Val

<<> >What is the best way to trim long leafed plants like most vals?  Can I
> >just chop them off the top to the desired length, or should I remove the
> >long leaves and allow new ones to replace them?

Why would you want to trim the Val? I personally think it looks pretty flopped
over the top of the tank.

Of course I don't have to worry too much about shading plants underneath it
since it's only anubias, java moss and two crypt species, they get along just
fine with the light that makes it thru.

<<As far as triming the val and it then rotting, that has not been my
experience.  I trim my val back to about half tank height once every 3-4 weeks
or so.  I don't experience any rot because of this, and there is noticable
growth at the cut tips by the next day.>>

I used to trim my vals back but not to the extent as mentioned in the quote.
Usually I'd trim to be about 2-3" taller than the water's surface--I like that
total top to bottom look of vals. What I noticed is that once in a while a tip
might rot down an inch or two but that always seems to be where it stops. 

It's a personal thing I guess. To trim or not to trim, that is the question ;D