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Alex's Tank

>Can I please have some input here regarding the fishload in this tank?
>There are 5 clown loaches (4-6" TL)
>                  3 Pearl Gouramis
>                  4 SAEs
>                  2 Dwarf Gouramis
>                  5 Harlequin Rasboras
>                  4 Coydora Aeneus
>                  2 Apisto. borellii + 15 juveniles (50% adult size)
>Is this a heavy fishload for a 120 gallon aquarium? 

No, I would not consider that a high load.  Of course, it is still possible
to be over feeding them.  What is your nitrate level?  (if you said
already, I'm sorry, I don't remember)

>Do I have to keep the surface water movement as is even with the CO2, or
>will I be able to decrease it?  Or decrease it during the day so that I
>don't lose CO2 and increase it at night for a while until the plants start
>to "do their thing" i.e. produce more O2?

If everything is going well, you shouldn't need to provide surface
movement.  But until you are sure your O2 levels are staying up at night,
it's good insurance.  I wouldn't keep it going during the day.