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Re: Office Tank

	I used to have an office tank, and a friend has one now.  If I were to
do it over again (and I probably will) I'd make the tank absolutely as
LOW MAINTENANCE as possible.  People tend to think you're a bit of an
odd duck when you're lugging water and fish about the office, and H2O
spills are frowned on.  And of course your attention may occasionally be
diverted from fishkeeping at the office.  I don't think I'd even have a
heater or a filter or air pump, so I suppose hardy cold water fish like
White Clouds would be a good idea. (Any other suggestions here?)  Small
number of fish.  Light feeding.  Plastic plants(!)  I think healthy fish
can make it through the weekend without food.  (Dick Mills says they can
go 2 weeks!)  Anyway, my 10 cent office feeder goldfish always survived
2 day fasts with no apparent ill effects.  Other thoughts?