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Re: Lights Out! Die algae die!/ Flowering Plant

Hi all,
     Here is a follow-up to this message - I have a 40G tank that had a
pretty serious case of green water and spot algae. The Photo period was 12
hrs, and a few days ago I decreased it to 5 hrs to kill off the algae but
not totally kill my bulb plants(only plants in this tank) which are almost
certainly Aponogeton crispus. Actually, one of the plants sent up a flower
stalk and the green water is clearing after 2 - 25% water changes in 3 days. 
FYI, in case it matters, my 35-40G has 3-30W tubes and moderate fertilizer
in the sand/peat substrate and water. No CO2 though(except for a moderate
fish load).

Questions for all(2):
1)What is the best way of getting rid of spot algae? It really is stuck on
the glass and I don't want to scrub and possibly scratch it.
2)What should I do when this plant flowers? I've heard you can
"artificially" pollinate it w/ a brush - explain. 

>Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 08:56:36 -0600 
>From: "Wood, Tom" <Tom.Wood at ci_austin.tx.us>
>Subject: Re: Lights Out! Die algae die! 
>Just to report the results of the attempt to cure a green water algae bloom.
>I turned out the lights Wednesday afternoon and turned them back on for the
>full Sunday photoperiod, so they were out 3 1/2 days.  The green water is
>completely cleared and most other forms of algae are severely restricted.
>The plants and fish are all fine.  I did several water changes during the
>time the lights were out to dilute the nutrient overload that started the