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Re: Discus and planted tanks.

I lurked the Discus-L group and researched their archives for info on this
subject.  I've also read and asked questions elsewhere. Once Discus hit
sexual maturity they stop adding body mass, so it's a race to grow them out
as quickly as possible if you want large fish.  To get Discus larger faster
requires lots of high-protein food and then frequent large water changes and
vacuuming to keep the wastes under control.  This leads to the preference
for bare bottom tanks among breeders since it makes maintenance easier. 
Then I posed the question to the Discus-L group as to whether it would be
possible to buy already grown-out Discus and place them in a planted tank
fed only with Tetra-Bits.  Most responses I received were from breeders who
insisted that Discus won't survive on Tetra-Bits alone.  Others indicated
that fully grown Discus don't ship well and don't adapt well to new
surroundings.  Any comments/experience?

Tom Wood