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Re: Need Recommendations

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999 Piabinha at aol_com wrote:

> hi yall, 
> i'm about to place an order of plants for a new 55 gallon tank.  the substrate
> will be pea gravel treated with tetra initial sticks.  lighting will be 2
> 40-watts bulbs.

> first, i wondered which of the red althernantheras is easier (or possible) to
> grow: A. cardinalis, lilacina, reineckii.

The latter two may be variants on the same species.  Don't know about
cardinalis.  The one which can't be grown for sure is A. sessilis. Don't
know how well they'll work with your lighting.

> also, of the following, which ones should i not bother with as they are
> difficult or impossible to grow:
> Eichornia azurea, diversifolia

azurea is growing OK for me right now (got it from Steve P in Vancouver!).
I also have diversifolia that's doing so-so.  It's not really increasing
in bulk at all during the past year, just sort of survives.  Probably
won't work with your lighting.

> Gymnocoronis spilanthoides

This one grew fast and tall.  I had to remove it because it got too big
too quick.  Friends' comments: "Looks like a corn plant."

> Trichocoronis rivularis

aka Shinnersia rivularis. Needs high light and CO2 for me; disintegrates
otherwise.  A nice substitute for when you get tired of Green Hygro.

> Rotala macrandra

Again, doubt with your lighting.

> Lagenandra thwaitesii, ovata
> Bolbitis heteroclita

I think these are both bog plants.  B. het grows great in my emersed tank;
looks kind of like Java fern, kinda like mint.  Some have kept it alive
underwater for a while.

> any info or comments on the above list appreciated.  thanks.

I look forward to hearing others' comments as well; it's interesting to
learn how different people fare with these off-the-wall plants.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com