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too much CO2


May I have some feedback about this situation?  Some of the best advice I've heard I
culled from this list..

I just hooked up a monster CO2 setup.  5 gal. jug w/ 10 pounds honey, big stick
ginger, and champagne yeast (making mead).  I'm splitting the feed to 2 powerheads,
one in a 55, one in a 20.  These things are kicking out CO2 like crazy-literally
like an airline in each tank.  As a result, my ph in the 20 is now below 6, about
6.5 in the 55.  I'm using phUp but it can't keep up.  My 2 ottos have died overnight
in the 20 (things got going full steam yesterday).  I'm afraid to cut the CO2 to the
55 at night, the swings might kill the 6 tetras and 6 corys.  The plants will be
thrilled, I'm sure, when I start the PMDD next week, but I wish I could stabilize
the ph somewhat higher, around 7, without too much expense and effort.  The 55 is a
community, the 20 is just plants, for now.  Also, the water seems to have lightly
clouded up (whitish) in both tanks.  what gives?