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Re: Crypt meltdown

>Sometimes my crpts melt after in a couple of days, sometimes it takes a while
>before it even starts.  This sounds normal to me, and I wouldn't panic just
>yet.  AFAIK, the exact trigger is unknown, just that the things tend to do
>this after a change in whater chemisttry.  The Petco in my town (Boise, ID)
>uses the same water I do.  They get in Crypts and keep them for weeks without
>a problem.  Then I take them home and boom.  They melt like butter in a
>microwave.  Since they come in potted, I suspect that disturbing the roots is
>one of possibly a half-dozen triggers.

>Bob Dixon

Do they also use different (colored) lighting than you do? That can be a 
problem for some plants, they get 'used' to a certain color and when there is 
a big sudden change in the color of the light they can die. 

Hugo Hoekstra