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Need Recommendations

hi yall, 

i'm about to place an order of plants for a new 55 gallon tank.  the substrate
will be pea gravel treated with tetra initial sticks.  lighting will be 2
40-watts bulbs.

first, i wondered which of the red althernantheras is easier (or possible) to
grow: A. cardinalis, lilacina, reineckii.

also, of the following, which ones should i not bother with as they are
difficult or impossible to grow:

Eichornia azurea, diversifolia
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides
Hygrophila rosanervis
Trichocoronis rivularis
Trapa natans
Hydrocleis nympheoides
Rotala macrandra
Lagenandra thwaitesii, ovata
Bolbitis heteroclita
Crinum aquatica, calamistratum

any info or comments on the above list appreciated.  thanks.

tsuh yang chen, nyc