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Re: Monochoria

>Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 12:25:39 EST
>From: Piabinha at aol_com
>Subject: Monochoria korsakowii
>does anyone have any info on this plant?  it's certainly very beautiful.
We have several species of Monochoria native to warmer areas of northern
Australia and all are very attractive marginal pond plants with beautiful
blue flowers and varying shaped leaves and habit. Unfortunately they are
annuals and need to be grown from seed each year

The other plant enquired about - Ottelia allismoides is best considered an
annual too but is fully aquatic and only grows submerse. It is extremely
beautiful but need strong light and plenty of room. If given reasonable
bottom warmth it will over-winter and grow again next year but not as well
as the first year. Seed is the major way to propogate but some crown
plantlets may be produced too. I have seen plants in the wild over a metre
in size (high and wide). The other species we have here is O. ovalifolia
which starts as slender val-like seedlings and quickly develops oval
floating leaves. Both species produce attractive white flowers.


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