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Re: Iron, chelates, and pathways

Chris Coleman wrote [in part]:
> It seems to me that if the iron is taken up during stage 2, that this
> must be done quickly as Fe++ in an oxygenated environment becomes
> reduced to Fe+++ very quickly.

I think you mean "oxidized" rather than "reduced" to Fe+++.

It will also precipitate as ferric oxide.

Iron is also reduced to ferrous iron (Fe++) in the anoxic conditions in
the substrate and can be recombined with various organic complexes to
become available to plant roots and move into the water to be available
to plant shoots and leaves. It's not necessary for the iron to be
complexed only by the stable (EDTA, EDDHA or DTPA) chelating chemicals
to be used by plants. There are plenty of natural humins which can do
the job, particularly if there is plenty of aged organic material (peat
or detritus).