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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #889

Moontanman up an' wrote:

> Everyone keeps talking about SAE's is this the same as otto cats? 

Why Howdy there Moooon Tan Man! You must be from the Rocky Moon Tans,
eh? ;-) Or else yore skin is so deli-kate that y'all get a _tan_ by
standing out under the midnight moon, man! (hoo ha!)

Whose cats? Otto? Who's that guy? Nah. Talking about SAE fish is shorely
different from cattin' around wit Otto (whoever he is).

> are they comparable?

Do cats scat in the scatty litter? Why a course padner! compare away!

By da way, for everyone's info-mation, Otocinclus is only shpelt with
one T! (har har har)


y'all come back now, hear?!   ;-)