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Re: Discus & Planted Tanks

> Aquatic Plants Digest      Sunday, March 7 1999      Volume 03 : Number 891
> From: "A M Moore" <andy at ascot_u-net.com>
> Subject: Discus & Planted Tanks
> For anyone who keeps Discus in a fully planted setup - how crutial do you
> think it is to keep the fish around 86F ? I have currently been keeping my
> temperatures around the 79-80F mark to give the plants an easier time, and me.

The minimum temperature set in my planted tank with Discus is 75F, Any
and they seem uncomfortable and break out into spots. You could
condition them
to lower and lower temperatures slowly over weeks/months till you reach
the target.

Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India