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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #891

>Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 10:52:57 -0800
>From: lovell at wa_freei.net
>Subject: Re: Bishop CO2/pH controller
>Regarding the Bishop pH controller at
>>Has anyone else built this thing?
> I built a couple of versions of it, but couldn't get it to work well
>enough to be useful.  It's a clever idea, but the probe is S-L-O-W to
>respond to changes in the tank CO2 level -- so slow as to be useless, in
>my experience.  If I were going to try it again (and I might -- it's a
>clever idea), I'd try to speed it up by putting the probe IN the tank
>("diving bell" style), and by increasing the surface area to volume
>ratio, which I think it critical: if you have a 5 ml sample and 1 square
>cm of surface area, you can wait all day for the sample color to change.
>> I am unsure of the VCC
> It all runs on the regulated 5 volts.
>> He also didn't mention how much reagent to add
> The usual 3 drops/5 mls seems like a good amount.
> My advice, for what it's worth, would be to go with the Hurley pH
>control system (www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/hurley-co2.html) with a $33
>"Silver" probe from Pet Warehouse.
> If y'all techie types would care to continue this discussion off-list,
>please drop me a line.
>Sherman   lovell at wa_freei.net

Hey, wait a minute!! Don't take this good stuff off-list!  I suffer through
weeks of "Has anybody ever heard of 'SubstrateX' and does it work OK?" just
to get a glimpse of good techie stuff!