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Re: vermiculite in substrate

>Daniel Wiznia wrote
>> I was wondering. Which subtrate do you think
>> is better?  Do you have any suggestions for what I
>> should use?  First I am goint to mix top soil with
>> vermiculite.  This I will put in as the bottom layer,
>> mabe 4 inches.  Then a one inch layer of sand.  In
>> the substrate, I will put osmocote 14-14-14 to
>> fertilize the substrate.

Two comments:  Topsoil is too "rich" for this recipe; use relatively
infertile subsoil.  Skip the vermiculite; it really doesn't do much to help
rooting and it will spread everywhere when you pull up plants.
And a recommendation: don't follow this recipe! I've done it twice, and the
vermiculite is a pain.