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Carbon filters for chlorine

I understand that activated carbon can absorb chlorine and I suppose
How effective are these canister filters one can buy at the local Home
I'm talking about the units that are about 1' high with a screw off
My idea is to fashion one up as a prefilter for my tanks when I change
Would it be a good idea to add a second  particle filter element up
how long might they last?

Also - how distructive is chlorine or chloroamines - I looked at the
archives on this topic and I never realy got a good feeling as to how
much it effects my tanks.  I can smell the chlorine coming out of the
tap.  Often times I add water with no treatment  and the fish and plants
seem fine.  Also I noted on a bottle of Tetra dechlorinator that it
binds the iron and copper too.  Binding  iron can't be to good for
plants right?  What else might sodium thiolsulfate effect?

Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net