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Fish Eat Calcium Carbonate!?

	My water is extremely soft (<1 dKH) so I put generic pharmaceutical
calcium supplement tablets in the tank at each water change.  When I
first started doing this, I noticed that the SAE seemed to love the
stuff -- he would stick his face into it and stir it all up.  Then the
next day I'd see white SAE poop all over the tank.  Now my new Moonlight
Gourami is doing the same thing in my other tank.  Have any of you CaCO3
users noticed this behavior?  Any thoughts as to why it might be
happening?  It doesn't seem to hurt the fish any.  BTW they are getting
a varied diet of  TetraMin, bloodworms, zucchini, and yams for the SAE
(he even eats algae sometimes!), and flakes, bloodworms, and Watersprite
for the gourami.
	If nothing else, this makes finding material to vacuum up at water
changes easier.