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KH, pH, and CO2

I am having a problem of a different sort, and the whole thing is
confusing me! My tap water straight from the tap measures at a pH of 7.0
to 7.2 with a KH of 5 degrees. In my 100 gallon tank the pH is 7.5 and
the KH is 8 degrees WITH injected pressurized CO2 at 1 bubble per

I have come to the conclusion that some of the gravel I added to the
tank may contain some crushed coral which would account for the higher
KH right?  Is my CO2 system working properly? Based on these parameters,
does that indicate that the CO2 is actually being injected properly? I
am having trouble keeping sensitive fish such as apistos alive and I am
wondering if it may be due to pH swings. Nitrate levels are kept to a
point of being bearly measurable. The tank has been running for a year
and has three 110 watt VHOs and one 40 watt standard. The tank is
heavily planted and all the plants seem to be growing fine. Algae is
kept to a minimum. Plants are mostly crypts, vals, swords, bacopa,
rotala, and lobelia. Any suggestions welcome!

Robert H