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re: Purchasing SAEs, Ottos and Yamato numa-ebi(Caridina japonica)

Tom Brennan wrote:

> I am setting up another 125g planted tank  and
> would like to find some good sources for SAEs,
> Ottos, and Caridina japonica-Amono Shrimp.  I am
> located in the Mid-Atlantic and I think I would like
> to buy:10-12 small SAEs 10-15 small Ottos50-100
> Amono-Shrimp.

I have noticed at DadsFishRoom ( http://www.dadsfish.com/ )
that you can order Caridina japonica though I am unsure if there
is  an import issue into the United States.

Their contact info is:

    henry at dadsfish_com
    Phone: 780-433-3474         9912-81 avenue
    Fax :    780-432-6587         Edmonton,Alberta

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net