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Re: Botanist question

G Kadar wrote:
> I really hate to see my fish looking stressed, so I adjusted the spray bar
> in order to create some significant surface movement but not turbulence.
> And flu or no flu, I am going to have to hoist my petard and check out the
> welding and valve places today.

From this I assume that you are contemplating CO2 injection and perhaps
currently have none.

I recommend that if you have NO CO2 injection currently, that you do
encourage surface movement and turbulence as much as possible. Increase
the circulation of the water in the tank to allow the plants to get
access to the low levels of CO2 in the water and vigorously aerate the
water to carry atmospheric CO2 into the water.

With your high lighting levels, you are going to get biogenic
decalcification and dramatic pH increase. If you don't have CO2
injection, you might consider using yeast method until you locate the
parts. Getting everything together will take several weeks and you
probably can't wait that long.

Increasing water turbulence, aeration and circulation should also keep
the oxygen levels adequate for the fish.
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