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Re: Gripe of the week

Colin writes:

> My assessment is that the high frequency light from the power-glo must 
>  have degraded the plastic over time.  All-Glass Aquarium told me that 
>  they didn't make a hood with the serial number and design I referred 
>  to(even though their sticker is on the thing), and that their hoods 
>  would never do that.  This is not internet terrorism of a company, it is 
>  the truth, for nobody's benefit but those on the list.  So this 
>  particular plastic didn't fair well over, and neither has All-Glass 
>  Aquarium.

There used to be, and may still be a company in Canada called the All Glass
Tank Company.  Is it possible that this hood may be from them rather than AGA?
AGA has been using polished metal reflectors for the past couple years,
although they may have a second line that still uses the plastic.  Double
check, Colin, and let us know, for our personal reference.

Bob Dixon