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Lights Out! Die algae die!

After an admittedly over-enthusiastic level of Jobe's sticks fertilization,
my 60 gallon suffered an outbreak of green water.  Water changes didn't do
any good so I opted for the dark tank method.  It's a built-in so all I had
to do was block the front glass.  I cut back on the CO2 and stopped the
PMDD.  It's been two days and a flashlight investigation indicates that
things are progressing well.  It appears that the green water is gone (hard
to tell) and that the plants are doing okay.  The fish seem to be okay.  I
was worried about falling O2 levels but I've increased surface agitation and
that looks like it's working.  Filtration is a HOT Magnum so there is/was
plenty of water movement anyway.  Of most interest to me is that all of the
BBA is now very red and shorter than it was.  It was never a real problem
before, but I wouldn't mind seeing it all DIE DIE DIE.  I'm wondering how
much dark time I should risk.