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Dave's High Pressure CO2 System

  On the APD, it seems like at least once or twice a week, we have questions
  or discussions on CO2 systems. I'd like to add my 2 cents. For a long time, 
  I've entertained the idea of upgrading my yeast system to a compressed CO2 
  cylinder. But I always backed off because of the price and because I 
  really didn't have a clear understanding of how they worked. I'm also 
  majorly DIY challenged. Then I got on the APD and was exposed to a wealth 
  of information about CO2 systems and everything else associated with 
  aquatic plants. That's how I found out about Dave Gomberg's high pressure 
  CO2 system described at www.wcf.com/co2iron. After reading the information
  at Dave's website, I finally had a clear description of what all the 
  components are, how they work and how to assemble it. Not only that but 
  the price($70 without a cylinder) was far better than anything else I 
  had seen advertised. The web site also gives advise on how and where to 
  buy a cylinder. Since I finally understood how it all works, I decided to 
  go with Dave's system. I ended up buying a full 10LB cylinder at a fire 
  extinguisher company for $70. In Colorado Springs, by far, they had the 
  best combination of price, range of cylinder sizes, service and knowledge. 
  So, by the time, I got everything I needed, I had invested $143 with tax 
  and shipping included. While I was assembling the Eheim diffuser, the 
  small sintered glass disk broke. I don't know whether it was defective 
  or just a freak accident. So, I contacted Dave by email and told him 
  about the problem. Dave immediately arranged to have a replacement disk 
  mailed to me at no cost to me. Within a few days, I received it and 
  finished the assembly of the CO2 system(BTW, assembly was very easy 
  even for a totally DIY challenged guy like me). I now have a 
  steady stream of very tiny CO2 bubbles. The flow is consistent and easy to 
  adjust. I expect my 10LB cylinder to last about 10 months. My PH is 
  normally 7.6. With Dave's CO2 system, I'm now running at 6.8 in the 
  daytime. My plants are happy.

  I haven't had the system up and running for a long period of time so I 
  really can't comment on the system for the long term. But so far, I'm 
  impressed and very happy with the combination of price, service and
  knowledge resources. 

	Keith Woestehoff
	Southern Colorado Aquarium Society