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Ceratopteris taking over tank

>What is the preferred way to prune a Ceratopteris cornuta ? I have one which
>is beautiful but is getting too big. It's roots are now growing into the
>ground while it's floating, top leaves are getting that big that they get
>too close to the tubes and dry out. Thanks for the advise! 

Unfortunately, not really.  Under good condition, Ceratopteris are BIG
plants, and do exactly what yours has done.  The best solution usually is
to remove the parent plant and replace it with one of its offspring.  It
may create a temporary "hole" in your aquascape, but fortunately, the
plants grow fast enough that it won't take long for the baby to fill in the
spot left by the one you removed.  I usually keep a few babies of various
sizes waiting in the wings for this purpose.