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new substrate addative? unsure!

Hi all,
i am considering convering a 120 gallon discus tank into a 120 gallon
planted discus tank, what a wonderful idea !   :)  <-- thats a smily

i am not wanting to spend 70 dollars + a long car trip on duplarit as i
have done on my other tank. I live in australia and this is the price and I
cant mail order from the States etc due to import lawsand customs.

What I can get is a product called 'JBL Floropal Substrate Fertilizer' Its
a powder that is added to the gravel upon setup. Anyone used this any

Another option is flourish tablets (seachem) (substrate fertilizer?) (10
tabs) whats the dosage?

Also a fertilizer here is available called Aquasonic hydrogrow and daily
grow - similar to Dupla a daily and weekly aplication. comments?

I love this hobby - it has become a lifestyle (I have 5 tanks :) (including
one true, real, proper, very sexy plant tank(high'ish' tech)

Regards all
Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au