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New terraced and Profile substrate tank

Well, I've been doing some thinking, and my 30 gallon peat substrate 
tank is the center of it.  The current substrate has provided excellent 
growth of swords, hygros, crypts and a dwarf lily (scarlet lotus?)  and 
a great patch of lobelia cardinalis, BUT  a great deal of peat "sludge" 
collects at the bottom of the tank no matter what I do and how often I 
siphon it out, the peat also stains my water and prevents the 80 watts 
of spectralites from doing there best, I need a lower maintanence 

I think I'm going to use profile aquatic plant soil for the substrate, 
based on the input I've had from people on and off the list, I assume 
this will be a wise choice.  I'm also going to attempt a terrace or two, 
I found a company that markets slate tiles for 50 cents canadian apiece, 
and raw uncut chunks of a larger size for the same price.  I've got some 
aquarium same silicone to throw the whole thing together (I know it'll 
involve a few days work and waiting, but I hope it will be worth it)

Any comments or suggestions?

Also, Anyone have any advice for bleaching plants, I'd like to nip the 
brush algae in the bud.

All advice will be appriciated

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