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Gripes on Reflector Material

Even though we've got such a peaceful, flameless week on the go here, 
I've got to throw in my piece of experience.  Sorry for the downer, but 
it may save you some grief.

I've one piece of experience with white plastic as a reflector.  I had a 
hood running for about two years(mostly with power-glo bulbs) that had 
white plastic as the reflector.  I went to change the bulb a few months 
back and the inside of the hood fell out onto the top of the canopy.  
The plastic had become so brittle since I last changed the bulb(6 or 8 
months) that any place light had direct contact with had no strength 

My assessment of the failure is that the Power-Glo bulbs with pretty 
high frequency light must have degraded the strength of the plastic.  I 
do have another identical 24 inch hood running over another tank that 
has absolutely no problems.  And this is far from a blanket statement on 
white plastic, there's probably as may types of it as there is 

I emailed all-glass aquarium with the serial number and details and they 
informed me that they didn't make anything like that and that their 
products wouldn't fail like that.  They claim this even though their 
sticker and serial number are on the back of the hood.

This is not the internet terrorism of a helpless company, it is the 
truth about the product and how the company reacted.  It is for you and 
your fishes good, neither of us was electrocuted(sp), I count my lucky 
stars.  If you object to this method, please email me privately so that 
we may save the list the grief.

Now, on with the happy dialogue about other things.

Colin Anderson

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