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Gripe for the week-about reflectors

Well, since we almost made it through a week without any serious griping 
or flaming, I feel the need to gripe a bit, SORRY.

About reflectors, the white plastic inside my 'all-glass aquarium' 24 
inch hood/canopy combo did not turn yellow, it crumbled to bits.  After 
about two years of use (primarily power glo bulbs) the plastic lost all 
its strength.  The mounts fell apart when I went to pick it up to change 
the bulb a few months ago.  Basically, the whole area that is affected 
by the strongest light has absolutely no structural integrity.

My assessment is that the high frequency light from the power-glo must 
have degraded the plastic over time.  All-Glass Aquarium told me that 
they didn't make a hood with the serial number and design I referred 
to(even though their sticker is on the thing), and that their hoods 
would never do that.  This is not internet terrorism of a company, it is 
the truth, for nobody's benefit but those on the list.  So this 
particular plastic didn't fair well over, and neither has All-Glass 

Colin Anderson
"Trying to make sure you don't get electricuted(sp) by your light hood"

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