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White paint

Victor wrote:
This exact same topic was discussed on one of my reef aquarium list a
couple months back.  One person, Dana Riddle (www.aquaticwildlife.com),
done many lighting studies on many types of light (MH, VHO and PC).  He
found that a white surface did indeed reflect as well as the metal
reflectors.  The only problem was that after sometime, 'painted' white
reflectors turned yellowish and were less affective.  Someone on that
is starting to use white rain gutters as a reflector and he will report
the list if the white 'powder' coated metal 'yellows' over time.

	Being a grower of many different kinds of plants for most
	of my life, I have tried just about everything under lites
	at one time or another. I've probably read every publication
	on the subject, in English, on growing plants under lites.
	One common item,in these writings, has always been a list
	on reflectivity values. And flat white paint has always been
	near the top of the list. It's cheap, it's easy and when the
	paint 'yellows' get out the paint brush!  It ain't rocket
	science and your plants will bearly know the difference. Your
	wallet will!

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