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Rain gutter reflectors

>>BTW, I can't believe that white paint wouldn't be just as good as aluminum.
>>Who out there knows the answer to that.
>Hi Olga,
>This exact same topic was discussed on one of my reef aquarium list a
>couple months back.  One person, Dana Riddle (www.aquaticwildlife.com), has
>done many lighting studies on many types of light (MH, VHO and PC).  He
>found that a white surface did indeed reflect as well as the metal
>reflectors.  The only problem was that after sometime, 'painted' white
>reflectors turned yellowish and were less affective.  Someone on that list
>is starting to use white rain gutters as a reflector and he will report to
>the list if the white 'powder' coated metal 'yellows' over time.

I have a plastic rain gutter I made into a reflector. It had
two 7W compact fluorescents in it (albeit withno venting) in it
for about 5 years. Right above where the bulb was, it's brown
now. I'd stick a piece of stainless steel right above the bulb.

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