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Re: Algae Winning

>From: "Josh" <lewisc001 at hawaii_rr.com>
>I set a new 30 gal tank with Kitty Litter and silica sand and now just two
>weeks later I'm getting swamped with algae!  I'm not quite sure on what
>type I have, I think its the brown algae type, its brownish and forms long
>"beards" from leaves.  Its every where on the sand, glass, filter, it also
>turned the umbrella fern and cabomba completely reddish.  I ferterlize with
>..25 ml of flourish about two times a week, and I also have yeast CO2
>injected.  I tried to solve the problem by adding 8 ottos, 1 pleco and
>daily 5 gal. water changes.  This is not working.  The only other thing I
>can think of is to much or wrong lighting.   I have 4 30 watt 36" bulbs,
>that stay on for 10 hrs.  I don't know if it matters but the bulbs are not
>"aquarium or plant bulbs" but bulbs I got at a hardware store.  Its called
>philips alto collection.  I need help fast.

25 ml of flourish twice a week??? I HOPE that was a typo! If not, that's
your problem! The directions call for 1-2 ml per 50 gallons once or twice a
week! I dose 1 ml once a week in my 29 gal with great results. 50ml a week
is a little excessive. :)