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I've collected these from the wild and bought them also. I've had a few
make it a couple of years. As filter feeders , they are not the usual FW
animals kept in tanks.
The FW clams are one of the MOST endangered of all aquatic animals.
There are many species on the eastern seaboard of the USA but only 2 or
3 are kept in tanks.All are in extreme danger.
Most are going the way of extinction in their natural habitat. Little is
known on keeping these bivalves in capitvity ,but they differ in respect
to a special layer on their prostratium(outer layer) that has a special
coating to resist decaying of shell in acid waters(FW) that is absent in
salt water clams. I wish I could reproduce these animals......not easy
to keep generally IMO over the long term.

Hope this might help
Tom Barr    AGA and clam lover