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Re: freshwater clams

>I was wondering if anyone here has any freshwater clams in their tanks.  If
>so, are they helpful?  Are there any special concerning or negatives to
>having some in a planted aquarium?  The ones I am thinking about are 
>Freshwater Pygmy Clams which are larger than an eraser head, but smaller than

>a dime in size. 
>Some specifics about my tank.  It is a 75 g, fully planted tank with flourite
>and DIY CO2.  I like diversity in my tank and any input would be appreciated.
>Thanks! James

>James Watford
>Columbia, SC

No experience with Pygmy clams but I guess it wouldn't be a problem. 
I have a Anodonta cygnea or similar specie in my koi tank for almost a year,
they are sold as water filterers for ponds. Most petshops seem to have trouble
to keep them alive for more than a few months, no idea why. They filter the
water (too bad I can't find of what exactly, except green water) and mine is
doing well apparently so I'm thinking to get more when it's pond season
again. Some Anodonta species can get very big (over 5 inch) and sometimes 
they like to crawl through the tank, uprooting plants and pushing stones 
(they're strong). I've read this can be a concern but mine only crawled and
investigated the tank when it was introduced, and hasn't moved since it 
found a good 'parking spot'. Well even if it wants to dig and move it's not
a problem for me since it's a koi tank and although moderately planted 
everything is 'koi-proof' so can't do any harm. These large species fry
are parasitic to fish (lives off the fish slime), but as far as I know the
little clams are all livebearers, so you don't have a problem when you have
more and they spawn.

Best regards,
Hugo Hoekstra