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Algae Winning

I set a new 30 gal tank with Kitty Litter and silica sand and now just two
weeks later I'm getting swamped with algae!  I'm not quite sure on what
type I have, I think its the brown algae type, its brownish and forms long
"beards" from leaves.  Its every where on the sand, glass, filter, it also
turned the umbrella fern and cabomba completely reddish.  I ferterlize with
..25 ml of flourish about two times a week, and I also have yeast CO2
injected.  I tried to solve the problem by adding 8 ottos, 1 pleco and
daily 5 gal. water changes.  This is not working.  The only other thing I
can think of is to much or wrong lighting.   I have 4 30 watt 36" bulbs,
that stay on for 10 hrs.  I don't know if it matters but the bulbs are not
"aquarium or plant bulbs" but bulbs I got at a hardware store.  Its called
philips alto collection.  I need help fast.



Hawaii, O'ahu