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DIY light reflectors

Just wanted to say thanks to all that gave so many great ideas on DIY
Not sure what I will do yet...........
I think the most novel idea was CDs -  next time I'm at Comp USA I'm
going to see how cheap they can be had.  My guess is too expensive but
perhaps at ~ $1.50 each, overlapped like shingles ????

My goal is to keep it cheap but get the most light (in the tank) per
watt spent.
Also I am concerned about maintenance, that is minimize crud build up
and defer to which surface would be the easiest to clean and keep clean.
On that note cutting mirrors to fit sounded neat.
Has anyone used the ~ 1/16" sheet plastic used for safety window
replacement on doors and then spray the back with metal paint to get a
flexible mirror that is easy to clean?

Does anyone have any suggestions on good light meters and the source to
buy them to test the results?
Needs to be effective but low cost - I was thinking of Edmund Scientific
or some Lab supply as a source but haven't looked yet.
I remember some ideas on using ones SLR camera as a meter.  Set a
particular aperture and film speed, put a white paper at the point of
interest and then focus. Then there was a chart to correlate shutter
speed with light intensity.

Seems we have a lot of DIYs on the list and did you notice?.........
I didn't see any flames on this thread!
I had a lot of great emails on the side too .
Thanks again
But don't stop yet - I think the thread is still alive.
Chris Wells
cdwells at concenric_net