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RE: jumping SAE

> (big snip>, Used to have an SAE but he jumped.  I would get another one it
> >they are impossible to find in NM.
> Sally, if you do find some, get two. Your SAE probably committed suicide
> due to loneliness. :<  They really like to be together. I can't imagine one
> alone.

I had a buddy for it but he died for some unknown reason.  I think it
jumped becasue it was stressed and the tank had about and inch and a half
of water in it so that I could carry it with out taking down the whole
tank, and having to replant it while not freaking out about my large
cichlids who most of them I had for over six years, being hurt in the
move. It wasn't that bead becasue I was moving across town but that is bad
enough.  I dread moving all the tanks when I go to grad school in a year.