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SAE happy story

It seems a lot of people get awesome deals out there from time to 
time because of the LFS's ignorance. I now have my own story of good 
deals. After months ( probably longer ) of searching, I finally 
happened apon some SAE's at a fish store in Augusta. There was 2 
"Flying Foxes" in tank full of community fish for sell. The very 
kind fishboy gave me the spill about what could live with what, 
and have I been an aquarist long. He thought I didn't have 
clue. They were priced at $3.99, so I had to get them. I paid for the 
armfull of supplies and noticed in the car that I was charged 
$1.29/ea for 2 Cherry barbs. Crazy, man! Now I have two species of 
Cherry barb, the real ones and the Flying Fox subspecies. No wonder 
SAE's are so hard to find, nobody but 'us' know what they are ;-)!

He's getting in some Pl*cos that look like Ottos next week. I bet he 
could get me a Pine tree for a nice background plant. ;-) 

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