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Re: Freshwater clams

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, James Watford wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was wondering if anyone here has any freshwater clams in their tanks.  If
> so, are they helpful?  Are there any special concerning or negatives to having
> some in a planted aquarium?  The ones I am thinking about are Freshwater Pygmy
> Clams which are larger than an eraser head, but smaller than a dime in size.

I've kept clams for a few years - but not the ones you're talking about.
I find them difficult to keep alive.  Mostly I think that's because the
ones I get are stressed when I get them.  If I get them to live past the
first couple weeks they seem to live a long time.

It's difficult to establish that they do anything in a tank.  I put
them in to control green water and I haven't had any green water problems
in the tanks with clams.  But then I haven't had much problem in the
"control" tanks without them, either.

Roger Miller