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Peter Davis wrote:

>Knowing who you're talking to really does have an effect on how or 
>whether you answer them.  I'm sure that Karen Randall has completely 
>different standards for what she uses in her AFM articles than what we 
>have here, but someone who hides their identity makes me question the 
>veracity of the info given. 

Not that Peter suggested anything else, but I'd like to clarify something.
I DO answer questions here on APD if I think I have something useful to
say,(and if I have time!<g>) whether the question is signed or not.  Also,
I do NOT use discussions on this list in my column.  The questions I use
are written to me directly, either through E-mail, or forwarded to me via
the magazine.  On the rare occasion were I have wanted to use something
that I've discussed with someone in a public forum, I have asked permission
from the person involved first.  I don't want anyone to think that they
have to watch what they say in an open forum for fear that it might show up
in a magazine against their wishes.