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Alex, you could set up a timer to run an air stone at night when the
lights are off. That should help reduce the CO2 level at night. From
what I read, a lot of folks just let it bubble continuously with no
problems. I think the key is to have a low fish load. You could get
one of those cheap 10 gallon tanks or a big rubbermaid container and
fill it with water and do a "dry run" for a week or so with your DIY
C02 and check the pH conditions if you;re really worried about it.

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 19:10:53 -0800From: "alex pastor"
<alexp at idirect_com>
Subject: Daily pH fluctuations
Oh boy, I'm getting around to seriously considering CO2 addition to
but before I decide (I know, read the archives) exactly what to do,
like to get some input.
The pH is 6.7 in the morning before the lights go on.  (3 watts/gal)
It is up to 7.5 by the evening when the lights go out.
My plants are growing like crazy, despite the lack of supplemental CO2.
I've been considering all the DIY recipes, and now I have a Dupla
catalogueto intimidate myself with.
My understanding, re:DIY is that CO2 is bubbling into the intake of the
canister filter 24 hours per day.  The Super dooper (expensive)
has a computerized feedback which controls CO2 flow, and provides it
I'm willing to do some more sophisticated setup than the soda
bottle/champagne yeast system (hence, will go back to the archives),
but my
concern regards to the pH at night when the DIY keeps bubbling CO2

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